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Love the Place you are in!

Being a foreigner in Japan, can mean it’s very easy to get sucked into the negative complaining about it – the everyday
nit picks that just drive us nuts!
Being surrounded by other foreigners who are in the same boat – the
‘Gaijin’s boat’ sometimes, only accentuates this!
Yes, it can be
tough living so far away from here, sometimes just plain frustrating – there’s the
language barrier, the cultural barrier and sometimes just the everyday mishaps that we can find ourselves in the middle of!
But besides that
Japan is an amazing country – different from any other, full of beautiful scenery, fantastic people, an intricate language full of different dialects, a definitive culture, incredible food – of uncountable varieties, the home of Anpanman and AKB48, Full of onsens and shinkansens, soba and udon, maple leaves and Sakura, everything that comes in green tea flavour! There’s temples and mountains, okonomiyaki and takoyaki, tatamis and futons the list could go on!
Japan is
describable and totally
at the same time –
I love it! And even when it drives me nuts, I still love it!
They thing is I didn’t always love it, there were times when I did let all those little things get to me! Others were complaining, so I did too! But complaining about where I was didn’t leave me satisfied, it didn’t get anything off my chest, it just made me want to
run away from Japan!
As soon as I decided to change my attitude – looking towards the good things, the things I liked about this country, I started to love the place I’m in!
It doesn’t matter where we are, what our situations are – we are placed here for a reason,
God has an amazing plan for us here!
So instead of trying to run away – or wishing we could be somewhere else, a sunny beach in
maybe? Why don’t we try and enjoy where we are now! Find things to love about the place we are in now!
Rather than counting down the days till we can move on, we can
count the number of amazing things we can find in the place we are in!
Chances are if I had just run away from Japan when things got tough, or when I found myself lost on a wave of negativity about the country I would only have ended up somewhere else – maybe in a different boat, but sailing in the same pattern of negative, dirty, complaining, towards a life of
un-enjoyment and unfulfilled wishes!

Loving the place we are in now means we can live with more
joy for life,
more vitality,
experience more things and accomplish more! We can live up to our potential in the place we are now, we don’t need to keep running off to different places!
God has a great plan for you where you are right now, he put you
there for a reason!

Yes, maybe we will move on in the future, maybe we won’t be in this place forever – all the more reason to enjoy it now!
So rather than thinking of all the bad things that could happen to us in this place, let’s start living the plan God has for us in the place he put us – you don’t know what it is? Well it can all start from
loving the place we are in!



Could there be a place in OSAKA you haven’t been to yet?!


Have you been there yet?

It seems the place to be, a bustle of excitement, flashing lights, tall buildings, layers upon layers of shops crowded with hoards of people at every hour of the day and night. The smell of Takoyaki (battered octopus) sizzling on every street corner and Karaoke bars and Izakayas littered in between. You can even get a bit of culture thrown in at Osaka castle!

You can never be short of something to amuse yourself here, it seems!

But after a while the thrill of the hundreds of different Izakayas, singing ‘Barbie Girl’ at karaoke for the 15th time and dare I even say it, Takoyaki, can sometimes, just sometimes, loose the ‘buzz’ and you can be left feeling

what am I doing here??? Here? In JAPAN??!!

After living in Japan 2 years, there were defiantly times like this, when all the usual amusements were just not fulfilling enough for me, no matter how many bars I went to or songs I sang, I just couldn’t find what I needed. I quickly became tired of Japan, bored and yes I will admit it lonely.

These times when you are alone in a FOREIGN country can be hard, strange and sometimes just plain amusing but with no answer to why you’re feeling like this, you can end up feeling quite simply (excuse the pun) lost…in translation?

So what do you do then? Go home? Eat more takoyaki and hope it fulfils your loneliness??

Well, I decided not to take either of these routes but instead I made my way to a place I had not yet been to in Osaka. A place that is unlike all of these places, but just as much and even more FUN!!!222682_1835604424212_1663506979_183

That place is JESUS LIFEHOUSE OSAKA! It’s a church in Shinsaibashi, but it’s not what you typically expect of a church, this is a lively place full of young people (And those a little bit older!) who have gleaming smiles because they are full of JOY and LOVE for each other, for the city of Osaka and Japan itself.

These people are filled with passion and hope from God, a passion they can’t hold in, they just have to spread it! They have a vision to see Osaka change and bring more hope and love to the people of Osaka and Japan.

Jesus Lifehouse is not just a church, it’s a place to make GREAT friends, renew your VISION for life, and most importantly find JESUS and start an awesome relationship with him, that will leave you very far from lost!


Since coming here and accepting Jesus back into my life, to make the change I really need, I have made more friends than legs you could count on a centipede, not only that but now I am full of joy too and I can’t stop smiling!

Now when I look at Osaka, I don’t feel tired and bored anymore, but renewed with hope and joy that Osaka has a great future, full of people with hope and vision and that I am also one of them!

I can go to karaoke countless times, and not get bored, because I have been renewed with a joy that’s not going to run out. Fresh from God every day, Osaka and my life have jumped into a different spectrum.

If you have felt like this at any point in Japan or your life, why don’t you come and check out Jesus Lifehouse,

you can make new friends, foreigners and Japanese alike,

renew your vision for your life

and start heading down an even better road,

with Jesus by your side,

full of love,

full of passion,

full of joy!

Yes, you may think this is not for me, you may be sceptical or believe you don’t need a church to make your life better, but don’t rule it out just yet, come on down and check it out, if not to at least to just check off one more place you haven’t been to in Osaka yet!

I can’t wait to see you there!!