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“Open your eyes” – to freedom!


“I want so much for you to open your eyes, because I need you to look into mine.”

 Those are the words of a Snow Patrol song.

The words of this song really struck a chord with me. They make me recall the time when I opened my eyes to look into God’s, he made me realise what was actually going on in my life and that I wanted to make a change.

It is so easy in this world to get lost in everything the world wants us to get lost in.  Money, parties, our hectic work schedule, the celebrity lifestyle we so want to lead, the model we want to be, are we too fat or too thin? The car we spent all our money on, the drinks we need to drink to help us forget, the boyfriend who wants us to be something we aren’t, or the girls that flit into our day to day lives.

There is certainly plenty to keep us occupied. But are these the things that make us feel GREAT? The things of life that make us want to get up in the morning, to jump out of bed and start living?!

They certainly weren’t for me. I thought the world could bring me, this happiness, that I could get my hope from money and people. But when those people had walked out of my life and I had spent all my money, I quickly realised, that was far from the truth.

When I finally opened my eyes and saw this, I was lost in despair where could I go now? That’s when God turned my eyes towards him.

Galatians 5 v 13 “It is absolutely clear that God has called you to a free life. Just make sure that you don’t use this freedom as an excuse to do whatever you want to do and destroy your freedom. Rather, use your freedom to serve one another in love; that’s how freedom grows. “

In him I found a new freedom and joy for life, it gave me a passion to be more, than what I am with God and share that love with others. I didn’t need to depend on the media for guidance or the things of the world to make me happy because I had found a freedom in Jesus.



“Get up, get out, get away from these liers, because they don’t get your soul or your fire.” Snow Patrol

We all have a passion inside of us, to make a difference, to be somebody, to live a life worth living not just a life to get by with. There is a fire in each and every one of us, but sometimes we just need to ignite it!

I wondered what the world would think when I decided to turn away from everything I had been consumed by and start living with Jesus in my life, but I soon realised  I just couldn’t keep the fire down, the passion inside me wanted to
                                                                                   grow and
                                                                                           grow and

We don’t need to let other people tell us who we are, or what we need to be. God already has a special plan for us, we are unique to him and he wants to stir up the fire in our hearts to be something more than what we can only do by ourselves.

With him, our potential is huge!

Jeremiah 29 v 11 “I know what I am doing I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

Now Jesus has ignited the fire inside me, I am living a life of real freedom and passion and I know he has a great a plan lined up for me – there is no way I want to go back to all those things I was doing before!!

“We will walk from this dark room for the last time. Every minute from this minute now we can do what we like anywhere.”

These are the last lines of the Snow Patrol song, and they ring true for my life too, I have finally walked away from the dark room I was hiding in and I have left everything that was creating that darkness in my life behind. Now I can go forward with God, anywhere and everywhere and have fun living his plan!

But it’s not just me who can find this freedom and passion, you can too!

For me it all started at Jesus Lifehouse Osaka, where I met other people who had found Gods freedom from the things of this world that had trapped them, all filled with passion, on fire with love for Jesus, their joy for life is contagious!

They introduced me to what Jesus could do in my life and I too found my joy and passion too! Why don’t you come and find yours? God can really open your eyes and help you see your life for the amazing, joyous, passionate life it can be!!