“When I…”

22 Nov

“When I …. ”

It’s so easy to say.

When I’m happy… I’ll start being nice to people”, When I get a job, I’ll start being responsible with money.”, ” When I get promoted I’ll start tithing or giving money to charity.”,When I get out of this country, I can start being who I want to be.” When I get married, I’ll be happy,”
“When I’m happy, I’ll start truly living.”

when, when!

We can make so many ‘
when’ resolutions that we end up constantly living in the future and not cherishing what we have now.
I used to be like this a lot, it was always about the
‘when’s’, I promised myself, “When I get a good job, I’ll start saving” – but when I got a job I started spending more! I said “When I get a boyfriend I will feel secure and happy”, but I only got more insecure and more unhappy!
I said “
When I move to Japan I will start eating healthily”
, but when I got here I didn’t know my udon from my soba, so I just ate whatever I could lay my hands on!
I was forever
living in the future, and not taking care of what I had, then and there. I was constantly living for the next big thing to happen to me, to make a change in my life.

I could have easily started saving just a bit of money, I could have placed my security and joy in God rather than a boyfriend, I could have started eating healthily, but instead I decided to wait for the when!

Sometimes the
‘ never happens… Or if it does, it doesn’t turn out how we expect and we are left disappointed!

We make
vows to make ourselves feel better, in a hope that what we long for will come to us, and what we
really, really want will just fall straight into our laps.
We feel we don’t deserve it so we try and justify our desires by placing
‘if’ and ‘when’s
‘ in front of them!
But sometimes we need to remember,
God wants to fulfill us and give us what we need, he does want to
satisfy the deepest desires of our hearts.
But first he wants us to take a look at what’s in our hands now.
He wants us to
be faithful in what we have now.

When we are faithful in the small things God is going to give us the big things, but he needs to know we are ready!
So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time He will lift you up in honor. Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.
-1 Peter 5:6-7 (NLT)

I was forever making “
when” ultimatums for myself or trying to push forward in my own plan! But I didn’t need to depend on all the when’s in my life for happiness! I need to depend on God and trust that he will give me the
‘big things’. I don’t need to go shopping for them myself.
can be happy with what we have now, make the most of it, learn new skills, be thankful and live with a great attitude, preparing our hearts for what God really longs to give us!

God IS going to lift us up, but the question is are we ready?

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