We all have a part in it!!

17 Nov

Japan is a crazy place, sometimes there are so many weird and wonderful things going on here!
Everyday never ceases to amaze me!
But the
best thing about Japan, us by far, without a shadow of a doubt – the people!
From the Obachans i bump into in my neighbor hood, to the little kids I teach everyday at school
everyone is different,
unique, intricate and wonderfully made!

I love the people of Japan!
I love
talking to people I meet on the street, people at school, people lost looking for directions, junior high school kids wanting to practice their english. From the girl who runs on the treadmill next to me, at the gym, to the woman who sells me my onigiri every day, they all have a
different story, some hard, some tough, some incredibly heart wrenching – but all of them have one thing in common, their lives can be changed!

I want to see their lives transformed, to be given the opportunity to be lifted out of the situations that are holding them down, to be able to live with passion, vision and be filled with more love than they could imagine possible!
That all starts with one thing,

But most of them have never heard of Jesus… that however, is changing.
This weekend our church
baptized 4 beautiful girls who had their lives changed by meeting Jesus!
They all told their stories of how they had gone from
shy, quiet girls – to confident women filled with passion and vision!
They talked about how their passion for Jesus and for life had been rekindled and that they could have a
real relationship with God – a relationship leading to a better future and towards the plan they all believe God has for them!
These girls were
shining, happy and glowing with Gods love!
All of them were so thankful to our church,
Jesus Life house and Life group leaders who had encouraged them to grow and grab hold of their lives and start living for Jesus! All of them so happy their lives had been transformed!
And this is just the beginning…

Jesus Lifehouse
has seen people who have gone from hating themselves, from depression, from being at the point of ending their lives – too finding a life full of hope, love, vision and joy, with Jesus at the centre!
Japan is at a time of change and that means people’s lives can change too!
We are where it starts, I’m so excited to see more people meet Jesus, hear about how amazing He is and receive His love for the first time!
We can be a part of it!
It all starts with the people around us in our everyday life. The person you sit next to on the train everyday, the check out girl at the conbini, the woman who does your hair, your Japanese teacher, your students, you friends, the people on the street!
There are thousands of people in Japan who if they heard about Jesus would say
they want in!

After all who would say no to being offered the best life possible!
We can help people
find answers and healing in Jesus!
We all have a part in it!
These everyday people, all have things going on in their lives, a lot of them haven’t met Jesus – but through us they can!


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