SOUL Surfer!

19 Aug

Awesome wave man!!

Surfing, at some point we have all tried it, on the net, through the ocean, or just in life. Up and down, trying to find something worth surfing for, something worth living for and when we do we find how thrilling and amazing it is!

Some of us are hidden artists waiting to burst out of our shells, or budding actors waiting for our big break, potential soccer stars, wannabe singers or even just the everyday stuff that we long to become, doctors, lawyers, carpenters, teachers, or even shop assistants.
Somewhere along the line there’s something we long to accomplish, to make a difference, to be somebody.
And when after striving we finally get it! Wow, hey presto! This is amazing! The life we dreamed of!

Life can be really exciting living our dream, until something happens that changes our view of everything.

Recently I watched the movie Soul Surfer, one of those tear jerker, inspirational movies that makes you want to do something more with your life. It’s about a girl, crazy about surfing – lives for it, dreams about it, talks nothing else but about it and then she gets bitten by a shark and loses her left arm. Woah, I cried at this part!

Sometimes we too feel like we have lost our left arm – when we get fired, or we lose all our money, we find out we have cancer, or our best friend turns against us, or even when we just lose our confidence or passion.

“I can do all things through him who gives me strength.”

At times like this we ask WHY???

The girl in the movie, Bethany, asked this too, she wanted to be a professional surfer, that was her dream, but with one arm how was that possible? “How can this be God’s plan for me?” she asked.

Sometimes we don’t know why terrible things happen to us, but we have to believe something good will come out of it. Because no matter what God is in control and he wants the best for us!

Jeremiah 29 v 11 “I know what I am doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

It may not always work out the way we planned it and it may not all be as easy as we thought.

Bethany held tight to the belief that she could do anything through God who gave her, her strength. She very quickly realised that you need two hands to do a lot of things! But she didn’t get discouraged, she learnt again to do the things she had found so easy to do before. Cutting an orange, making a sandwich, carrying things – she had to work at all of them.
Eventually she even had a stab at surfing again. She wasn’t the same as before, but the more she persisted, the more she relied on Gods strength the better she got!

I’m not going to spoil the story for you, but Bethany achieved a lot more through her disability than she ever could have with two arms. Not only did she get back into surfing but she went to Thailand and reached out to the Tsunami victims there. She learnt that compassion can move us to do amazing things and give us a total different perspective.

In Thailand, She ended up teaching a kid who was afraid of the water, how to surf and realised that surfing wasn’t the only and most important thing in her life, love was!

God works in mysterious ways, with one arm, Bethany gained more fans and support and inspired more young girls to follow their dreams no matter what, than she may have ever done with both arms!

Even when it seems like the end of the world, God can turn it around to make it 10 times better than it was!

TRY, TRY, and TRY again!

There are times when Bethany felt like giving up! And there are times when we will want to give up, when we continuously fail exams, when we keep getting rejected by numerous employers or even when the treadmill at the gym feels like it’s just pushing us too much!

But the reason why she was so successful and why so many people were inspired by her was because she tried!

She believed that through God she could do ANYTHING!

Sometimes we try to do so much by our own strength, but we keep failing. There are some things we just can’t do alone. But with God’s help anything is possible we just have to believe! We may feel so weak and helpless at times, but with God’s strength we can do anything!

2 Corinthians 12 v 9 “My grace is enough, it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness.”

When I believe this, it doesn’t matter if I’m not as good looking as all the other girls, or if I keep failing my Japanese exam, it doesn’t matter if I can’t understand the complexities of computer systems, or swim faster than the other swimmers in the pool, because when I focus on God’s strength in me, he can overcome all my weaknesses!

But we have to be willing to believe that he can do anything through us and then all we need to do is TRY!

Bethany said “Life is a lot like surfing, when you get caught in the impact zone you need to get back up, because you never know what’s over the next wave. And if you have faith anything is possible.”

Yes, we don’t know what’s over the next wave, but with Jesus surfing alongside us, we needn’t worry!

If you want a chance to meet Jesus and overcome your weaknesses and set back’s through his strength then come to Jesus LIfehouse Osaka and we can introduce him too you!

And if you are looking for an inspirational movie to get you up on your toes, Soul Surfer is one to watch!!

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